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HNY5180TDYD5 Multi-function Anti-dust truck

Anti-dust truck

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Main technic parameters              
Name:HNY5180TDYD5 Multi-function anit-dust truckexternal dimension:9330,8700 ×  2500  × 3720,3900
engine type:YC6J190N-52 YC6J210N-52 B6.7GE5 190 B6.7GE5 210 YC6G230N-50 YC6G260N-50 YC6L280N-52engine manufacturer:Yuchai
wheel base:3800,3950,4200,4500,4700,5100,5600,6500,7100,4950,5200tire:
displacement:6494 6494 6700 6700 7800 7800 8424power(kw):140 155 140 155 170 191 206
chassis model:EQ1180GD5NJcargo size:×  ×
tatal mass:18000approch/departure angle:14/15
rated weight:6990,6925(Kg)front/rear suspention1430/2800,1430/2170  (mm)
curb weight:10880    (Kg)Max. speed:90  (km/h)
Add:Xiaofang Rd. High-tech devpt. zone, Suizhou, Chinaemail:
remark:wheelbase:5100mm; optional spaying machine;ABS type1: Wabco ABS-E 4S/4M; 2:Knorr-Bremse3631010-C2000; side protection plate material:Q235,After bolting, The rear is replaced by vehice compts. Rear protection material: Q235;  sectional dimension of rear protection:120×50(mm), Ground clearance:470mm, welded joint; The special device of the vehicle is mainly a spray machine, which is used to reduce the dust in the air, hazeetc.

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HNY5180TDYD5 Multi-function Anti-dust truck Chassis info

chassis parameters                             
chassis type:EQ1180GD5NJfuel type:NG
wheelbase:3800,3950,4200,4500,4700,5100,5600,6500,7100,4950,5200fron track:1880,1930(mm)
manufacturer:Dongfengrear track:1860(mm)
passengers in cab:2,3spring numbers:8/10+8,9/11+8,3/4+3
tyre numbers:6axle load:6500/11500
tyre model:10.00-20 18PR,10.00R20 18PR,11.00-20 16PR,11.00R20 18PR,295/80R22.5 18PR,315/80R22.5 16PR
emission standard:Euro V
others:Engine net power:131kW,146kW,135kW,150kW,161kW,182kW,197kW,178kW; optional cab: high roof cab with air horn; ABS的型号可以为1.ABS-E 4S/4M;2.3631010-C2000, ABS type1: Wabco ABS-E 4S/4M; 2:Knorr-Bremse3631010-C2000; As dangerous goods transport vehicle chassis, optional front wheel wiith disc brake,radial tyre and speed limit device speed limit 80km/h,optional exhaust pipe front, position of optinal gas tank.

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