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After Sales Service

Maintenance & Service

According to maintaining period and items to make regular maintenance after using the vehicle. It will affect its technical ability and benefit as well as extend lifetime.

Maintenance period of different class as follows:      

Regular maintenance----each day after operation

First-level maintenance——each 50 hours after operation.

Second level maintenance——each 250 hours after operation.

Third level maintenance——each 100 hours after operation.


Attention: As the driving speed of this vehicle is far lower than that of ordinary vehicles, its maintenance cycle at all levels is determined by the number of hours of actual operation. Users should establish the use, maintenance and maintenance records of each vehicle, carry out regular maintenance and shorten the maintenance cycle at all levels appropriately according to the actual conditions of use in the region where the user lives. 

Service: We have the local service agent or partners in your country. Please call their hotline, they surely offer 7x24 service.